Liberty Dollar News

New Developments, Good and Bad

We regret to announce that our Pro Accounts have just been canceled by our bank. The legal department of the bank has decided not to approve the program after all, despite previously saying there was nothing wrong with it.

We apologize to all of you for getting your hopes up, because we had been assured up until today that it was going through just fine. This is a very sudden and frustrating development and beyond our control.

In better news, you will soon see another new wallet on your account. We are developing a new copper-based Liberty Dollar, which will be based on copper at one dollar per ounce. This will enable us to issue new Liberty Dollar Copper Certificates which will be denominated in dollar values, enabling them to work side-by-side with the US dollar with merchants.

You will of course have a Digital Copper account, and we will be issuing copper bullion pieces in the near future. Just like the Silver Liberty, however, these bullion pieces cannot be used as money in any public transaction. The Copper Certificates will be standard Warehouse Receipts, which are lawful to use as a barter currency.

In addition, because so many of you have purchased silver while we were charging the $2 premium per ounce, we are setting up a system that will enable you to redeem Silver Liberty coins at only $4 over spot, crediting you for the $2 premium that you have already paid. Please give us a couple of days to get this fixed and we will announce it. This is the only way we can try to be fair to all of you who paid the premium in the past.

Wayne and Kathy Hicks

Sep 09, 2022